Welcome to my little tavern.

I love the nostalgic aesthetic of taverns; it sounds like you will have a group of friends that will always stay. 

1I’m obsessed with Nabokov’s eccentric, magnetic stories with his nymphets and older men. They are all sad, eccentric, metaphorically diasporic. They are émigrés just like him. The aesthetic power of demolition, the Freudian, modernist “looking for a father figure,” is such an appealing theme to me.

A few years ago, a Taiwanese-American psychologist from NYC inspired me to write and think more about the power dynamic of untypical dysfunctional families. I like writing about aesthetics, absent parents, the desire of having a father figure, an eccentric girl with a diaspora background who’s always fleeing—I can see her standing in the wind wearing a cream color trench coat. And I write sad but ambitious older men, existential suffering, haunted past, and trauma. Deleuze called those elements “line of flight” in the Anglo-American literature.

“The line of flight is a deterritorialization.”

How am I not to be obsessed with what he wrote about the line of flight? 

“Our psychoanalyses and our mummies and daddies? How can one avoid the line of flight’s becoming identical with a pure and simple movement of self-destruction; Fitzgerald’s alcoholism, Lawrence’s disillusion, Virginia Woolf’s suicide, Kerouac’s sad end?” 

Anyway, that’s enough quotes. 

Does this blog have a core theme? Probably not. The mean function of this substack blog will be publishing random thoughts, rant. I will also republish/repost my published poetry, short stories, essays here as an archive.

Alright, feel free to subscribe. You can find me on Twitter @mydearmatilda.



How do I contact you?

Twitter or leave a message on Substack. You can also find me on Clubhouse. 

Can I translate your work?

I hold copyrights, including translation rights of all my published work. If you are a representative of a foreign publisher or editor for a foreign language magazine, please contact me directly. Just leave a message, or DM me on Twitter. I’ll get back to you ASAP. 

Can I read your work on my podcast/radio, etc?

As long as you give credits to the author, yes. If you read it on the good faith of critique, I’d be happy to take your advice(s.)

Are you a freelance writer?

No. I never consider myself one. I might go to law school. Who knows? 

I am just an internet shitposter. I like jokes and beautiful but useless things. I am grateful to all my editors. They are amazing people. 

Which philosopher?

Heidegger will save the west. Leo Strauss is the gateway drug of Heidegger. Personally, I also like Deleuze. But you see, most of the time, I am a pessimist. 

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